Love is at the heart of what I do. All of my work is heartfelt and genuine. Meditation, Reiki Energy Practices, and Chakra Journeys are transformative practices. I offer you my full attention, teachings, coaching, and services. I have had many years of skilled practice and would love to help you develop and grow your skills, overcome obstacles, and feel more harmony within! 

As a child...

I was a natural intuitive and empath. I often saw and communicated with the dead. Psychic and spiritual energy has been a big part of my life. I had a childhood in the Northwoods on a 250 acre farm. I was literally in the woods from sunrise to sundown and many, many nights, I camped out in the woods. This was my choice. I felt nurtured in the forest. The natural world is our foundation for life and a direct connection to Pure Source/Creator energy. 

As a young adult, I spent several years volunteering in missionary work assisting the homeless in Chicago, and later graduated from the Dovestar Institute of Holistic Technology. My studies included: meditation, body alchemia, Reiki, and massage therapy. After I began seeing Animal Spirit Totems in my client’s chakras, I took some classes in Shamanic Studies to gain understanding of the animal spirits and began the practice of Shamanic journeying. I am a licensed Meditation Teacher. I can assist you in your meditation goals. As a massage therapist, I have many advanced certifications. I am also certified in Sound Healing, with the use of tuning forks for chakra balancing.

I have developed many ways of achieving chakra balance, both remotely and in person. I also work with crystals and teach how to use Reiki crystal grids to transmute energy and to create manifestations. I have been a successful Reiki Master Teacher since 2008. I have seen many clients come to me with pains, ailments, and emotional energies that were stuck in their bodies or energy fields who found relief with these energy therapies. I have enjoyed watching my Reiki students expand their skills, build confidence, and receive all the gifts that becoming a Reiki practitioner brings. 

Contact me with any questions about what I teach or how a reading or session with me may be of help to you.
 Thank you,          

Janet Young