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Learn To Meditate! Take your Meditation Practice to the Next Level! Experience the healing power of Reiki! Learn original Reiki meditations! Explore Chakras 101!  Gain insight from your Animal Spirit Totems, and more!

Meditation coaching. Reiki meditations, trainings and sessions. Chakra journeys, classes and readings. Also serving Bluffton SC with local sessions and classes!

I invite you to share in the joy of Meditation and Reiki Energy in this space of practice. All levels of meditation training, (even if you have no training) and all traditions of Reiki are welcome here with equal honor to all.

Some of the benefits you may experience with my teachings and live coaching sessions are:

A decrease in stress. Increased inner stillness, compassion and awareness. Understanding your true self. Developing mindfulness, insight and self love. Plus all of the many health benefits meditation has been proven to provide!

Meditation on the beach


Reiki Master Teacher

Hello, my name is Janet Young. I have been conscious of the subtle and invisible realms of energy most of my life. It is my honor to offer you Meditation Coaching, Reiki sessions and classes, Advanced Chakra Energy Techniques, and private Animal Spirit Totem Readings.



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